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Using 3D camera and AR glass,With remote workersCan collaborate Virtual office system


Pisces is a virtual office system using AR glasses and 3D cameras.

The images of each other are sent through a 3D real-time delivery system, giving you the feeling of working in the same office.

Actually, our members are developing in 5 countries.We aim to solve telework issues from the same perspective as you.

  • Go to Work

    come to each office.

  • Morning meeting

    By reproducing the seat order and the face orientation,
    Instinctively tell who you are speaking to
    You can reproduce the experience in a realistic meeting space.

  • Lunch

    It is also possible to have a lunch while connected.
    You can create a sense of closeness by having a meal together even if you are working remotely.

  •  Working

    Improve your team's work efficiency by providing an environment where you can talk to each other timely when there's a question or when you're in trouble.

  • 1on1

    According to research, people can easily share emotions when they see each other same size as life-size and make eye contact. Reproduce that with a 3D camera, you can do better interviews.

  • Casual conversation

    By having a casual conversation, you can build a team, and an accidental conversation will create a new solution.

  • Leaving

    Exit from Pisces and finish work. By reducing travel time and improve communication efficiency, we support you to become a work-life balanced team.


Fill out the necessary information on the application form


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The Pisces team will visit your office and experience the service free of charge


Introducing usage procedures


Q.Can I use it for personal use?



A.Currently it is limited to corporate customers.



Q.I don't have HoloLens,can I use the service?
A.HoloLens can be rented to on a monthly basis from a rental agency.If you would like to rent,we will explain the details.
Q.How many simultaneous connections are possible?
A.Currently up to 6 simultaneous connections are possible.
Q.How much do you sell this for?
A.Regarding expenses, we are currently unpublished.Please inquire for details.

Q.Is there any initial cost?

A.If you purchase new Hololens or iPhoneX,it costs those devices.

Q.Can you hear the sounds?

A.Participants can talk and listen to each other.

Q.Can I use with Android or PC?

A.I'm sorry.Currently it does not support.