“This would be easier if you were standing next to me…”
In this age of phones, email and videoconferencing,
why would you make an on-site visit?

Because we intuitively understand that
there are certain things that
can’t be communicated even with all the current tools at our disposal.

At Pisces, we make software to facilitate team communication using AR devices and 3D cameras.

Use your device to connect to the future.

What’s “connection” for PISCES? What does “connection” mean to us?


Stress-free communications that
transcend physical boundaries

At Pisces, we use AR devices and 3D cameras to make it seem as if your team members are sitting by each other’s sides in the same office,no matter where on earth they are.


Creating multifaceted connections,
producing innovation

Until now,、
video chat has been little more than a tool for sharing the bare minimum amount of information necessary.
At Pisces, we also pay attention to recreational times,
such as casual conversationo,lunch, and coffee breaks.
By connecting in a multitude of ways with people both inside and outside the team,you’re likely to make new discoveries.


Connecting people,
producing friendly relationships

You can’t capture someone’s imagination
just by spending a long time in the same space as them.
A speaker uses everything from facial expressions to movements,
the volume of their voice and their choice of words to communicate in a meeting.

Background Business Startup Background

Most of our founding members have experience working together
with overseas teams.

We’ve found that using online communication,
half of the detailed nuance and background that can be easily shared face-to-face is lost.

We’ve tried using the latest videoconferencing systems and chat tools,
but, in the end, the number of on-site visits and overseas stays just kept on growing.

When people talk, a great detail of information is communicated through eye contact, facial expressions, and gestures.

According to experts, 65% of information is actually communicated via these nonverbal methods.
Seems like the saying, “The eyes say more than the mouth”
is really the key to the essence of communication, doesn’t it?

We’ve dedicated ourselves to solving this problem, in order to create a society in which anyone, wherever they are, can put 100% of their energy into their work.

Mission Mission

Forming strong, friendly relationships

“Pisces,” of course, refers to the astrological sign.

The name “Pisces” comes from the Greek myth of Aphrodite and Eros.
The pair found themselves attacked by a monster and jumped into a river.
They transformed themselves into fish, and, when escaping from the strong current, tied their tails tightly together with string so that they wouldn’t be separated.

Envisioning a world in which we are as strongly, yet comfortably connected to our valued colleagues as with Aphrodite and Eros,
we named our service Pisces, and based our logo around the fish and their tails.


Members member

  • CEO Ikkei Okuma

    Graduated from the Business and commerce at Keio University.
    In 2011, he joined Monstar Lab as a new graduate.
    In 2014, he founded global sourcing subsidiary Sekai Lab, becoming its representative director and COO. With 12 locations across Asia and Europe, he managed web and app development together with around 800 colleagues. His experiences led him to establish Pisces Co., Ltd. in 2018.
    At home, he cares for two rabbits.

  • CTO Jochen Ehnes

    Completed his Master’s at the Technische Universität Darmstadt before completing his doctorate at Tokyo University.
    Born in Germany. As a graduate student, he specialized in VR/AR research. He has experience conducting VR/AR and machine learning research and development at Edinburgh University and Singapore’s Institute for Infocomm Research, as well as developing AR applications as founder and chief architect of a Singaporean startup.
    From April of 2018, he became CTO of Pisces, serving as product development lead from his base in Singapore.

  • Designer Mioko Mori

    Graduated from the Inter media art at Tokyo University of the Arts.
    She has experience conducting designing graphics and user interface of web cite,digital signage and Apps.
    Her exploring around the world made her realize importance of non-verbal information and joined Pisces.

Join us

We at Pisces are looking for friends that relate to our mission to work with us.

  • iOS Engineer

  • 3D Designer



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